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Jobskin® Premium Foot Glove to Knee – 0539

Jobskin® Premium Foot Glove to Knee – 0539


  • 0539-Premium-Foot-Glove-to-Knee-(open-toe)
  • 0539-Premium-Foot-Glove-to-Knee-(closed-toe)
Product code: 0539
For scarring to:
• Into the MTP JT’s, toe webs and individual toes

Please ensure patient keeps toe nails short, please consider length of these when measuring.

A sock with individual toes applying concentrated pressure to the digits.

Use green tape for leg measurements

Available with open or closed toes


Measuring Guide - Lower Extremity.

Although this guide uses old style order forms, the measuring descriptions are still relevant today.



Measuring Foot Glove

Garment modifications

  • Grey - Circumference measurement
  • Orange - Linear measurement

Measurements 12 – 20 are linear and should be taken from a foot outline tracing, unless the toes are contracted.

Item description

Item code


Reinforced heel

  • Ideal for manual workers and children where a foot glove gets a lot of wear 
1187 Left or right


  • Sewn in for the insertion of pads to apply extra pressure to certain areas
0027 Specify position using Silon-TEX II pad (see below)


  • Short zippers can be inserted at the ankle to ease the fitting or for the insertion of conformers 
  • Note: avoid zippers if possible as pressure can be compromised 
    Short zipper (<20cm)  1164 Left or right
    Long zipper (>20cm) 1165 Left or right

Slant inserts

  • A seam is sewn between the digits when additional pressure is required into the web spaces of the foot
  • This style is recommended for all scarring to the web spaces
1169 Left or right

Open or closed tips

  • NOTE: For open toes/tips give only the finished length desired from the toe web space.
  Left or right (tick box to apply)

Tools required



Jobskin® Premium

Fabric options - Powernet

  • Powernet Beige Beige
  • Powernet Tan Tan
  • Powernet Blossom Blossom
  • Powernet Red Red
  • Powernet Raspberry Raspberry
  • Powernet Classy Blue Classy Blue
  • Powernet Denim Blue Denim Blue
  • Powernet Black Black
  • Unicorn Unicorn
  • Safari Car Safari Car
  • Paw Print Paw Print
  • Pink Camo Pink Camo
  • Green Camo Green Camo
  • Blue Camo Blue Camo

Personalisation options - Bindings

  • Daisies Daisies
  • Roses Roses
  • Rainbow Mermaid Rainbow Mermaid
  • Pink Tribe Pink Tribe
  • Rocket Rocket
  • Black and White Football Black & White Football
  • Pink Football Pink Football
  • Pink Hearts Pink Hearts
  • Silver Aztec Silver Aztec
  • Pink Aztec Pink Aztec
  • Spots and Stripes Spots and Stripes

Thread choices

  • White White
  • Beige Beige
  • Tan Tan
  • Pastel Pink Pastel Pink
  • Bright Pink Bright Pink
  • Red Red
  • Purple Purple
  • Green Green
  • Pastel Blue Pastel Blue
  • Royal Blue Royal Blue
  • Denim Blue Denim Blue
  • Navy Blue Navy Blue
  • Black Black

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