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Jobskin® Corset MTM Abdominal Support – H01A and H01B

Jobskin® Corset MTM Abdominal Support – H01A & H01B

H01A Abdominal Corset - White Model front view

  • H01A Abdominal Corset - White Model front view
  • H01A Jobskin Corset - Abdominal support showing front and back view on male model.
  • H01A Abdominal corset in beige, shown from the front
  • H01A Jobskin Corset - Abdominal Support corset in beige, viewed from the back
Product code: H01A & H01B
**For Clinician use only**

Made-to-measure abdominal corset

A support that encircles the abdominal region in order to support a weak or prominent abdomen


An abdominal corset may be used after abdominal surgery to help speed-up the recovery process. Your doctor may recommend that you wear an abdominal corset after:

  • a caesarean section
  • bariatric surgery
  • an exploratory laparotomy
  • a hysterectomy
  • a tummy tuck
  • spinal surgery

A carefully-positioned abdominal corset may be used in people with spinal cord injury to help:

  • support the abdomen
  • maintain abdominal pressure
  • improve respiratory function

Features and Accessories

  • Zipper fastening
  • Sliding bar buckle and strap
  • Clip on buckle and strap
  • Touch and close fastening
  • Lacing with hook and eye
  • Removable stays and frames
  • Additional Under belt for extra abdominal support
  • Boning, plush lining, extra padding
  • Elastic panels/Inserts
  • Full length or bottle shaped back pads
  • Hernia pads
  • hook and loop and ‘D’ ring

Fabric and colour

Fabric options

  • White Coutil White Coutil
  • Beige Coutil Beige Coutil
  • White Brocade White Brocade


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