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When to wear your Jobskin® SDO® garment

Please note

Please note this garment has been expertly measured and designed for the user and must be worn by the user only. It must not be applied to anyone else.

The garment should offer a snug fit and can be expected to cause red marks initially (most commonly around the neck, armpits and under the seams). These soft tissue marks should disappear within 30–40 minutes of removing the garment. If the marks persist for longer than 30–40 minutes do not increase the wearing time and inform your treating clinician directly. 

It is the responsibility of the treating clinician to monitor the SDO® garment and advise when a new garment is required. It is advised that your garment is reviewed every 4–6 months to ensure that the fit has not changed and to accommodate any growth. If your garment becomes too tight or too loose then please contact your treating clinician for a re-measure.

Please note: The recommended wearing schedule has been effective for people with diagnosis of cerebral palsy and sensory issues. Any other diagnosis will depend on clinical presentation and the advice of the treating clinician.

Sleep Suit Only

It is anticipated that the wearing of an SDO® sleep suit leads to improvement in the alignment of the body and hips when at rest. The aim is to gradually correct alignment and posture over time where passive correction is available or to limit any further deformation of alignment and posture. A sleep suit is not advised where no passive correction is available. The wearing of this garment may also enhance sleep quality for the user and contribute to an improved sleep pattern with a reduction in sleep disturbance. A sleep suit is often used in combination with, but not instead of a prescribed sleep system.

Wearing Schedule: 

  • On the first day of wear the SDO® should be worn for a maximum of two hours at any one time. If after two hours there are no adverse reactions then increase the next wearing time by one hour.

  • Continue to increase wearing time by one hour until the minimum recommended wearing time of 6–8 hours is reached, or as recommended by the treating clinician.

  • It is advised that you should not sleep all night in the SDO® unless the SDO® has been prescribed for night time use.

  • To obtain maximum benefit from the SDO® garment it is important to wear daily as prescribed by a treating clinician (unless any adverse effects/­contra­in­di­cations/­precautions identified).