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When to wear your Jobskin® Gaiter

Please note

Made-to-measure gaiters have been expertly measured and designed for the user and must be worn by the user only. It must not be applied to anyone else.

Ready-to-wear gaiters are not patient dependent but are designed for a single user.

The gaiter should offer a snug fit and can be expected to cause red marks initially. These soft tissue marks should disappear within 15–30 minutes of removing the garment. If the marks persist for longer than 30 minutes do not increase the wearing time and inform your treating clinician directly. 

You should ensure your garment is regularly reviewed by your treating clinician. Should your condition change during the life cycle of your gaiter, please contact your treating clinician immediately as the performance of the device may be affected. Should you develop any sores or blisters you should stop use of the device at once.