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When to wear your Jobskin® Classic™ garment

Please note

This Classic™ garment has been expertly measured and designed for the user and must be worn by the user only. It must not be applied to anyone else.

It is important that you are measured and reviewed by a suitably qualified clinician experienced in measuring and fitting compression garments. 

It is the responsibility of the treating clinician to review your garment and advise when a new garment is required. It is recommended that your garment should be checked by your clinician at least every 3 months for children and 4–6 months for adults to ensure fit and to review progress.

Worn, loose or damaged garments should be replaced, therefore, it is important to attend your regular review appointments.

You begin compression therapy as soon as a wound has closed and full pressure can be tolerated. This way, maximum use can be made of the time in which the scar is active.

Wearing Schedule: 

  • It is important that Classic™ pressure garments are worn consistently for between 12–24 months or until scar maturity for 23 hours a day. This ensures the full benefit is achieved for optimum results in scar management, both aesthetically and functionally
  • The garments are typically removed 3 times a day for bathing and creaming the scar and masks can be removed during meal times
  • Once you have the compression garment in place, ensure it lays smoothly against your skin and feels snug but not painful
  • It is advised that the fit of the garment is reviewed on a regular basis by the clinician to make sure that the desired effect is being achieved

Other factors that influence the duration of treatment:

  • The severity of the scarring
  • Genetics and hormones – healing responses may vary from person to person
  • Infection or delayed healing
  • The site of the scar and the surface affected
  • Compliance to treatment regime