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Steve+® On Arm & Leg Applicator

Steve+® On Arm & Leg Applicator

Steve+® On Applicator

  • Steve+® On Applicator
  • Steve+® On Arm Applicator
  • Steve+® On Leg Applicator
Product code: A119822014
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Steve+® On Arm & Leg Applicator

The new way to put on arm and leg compression stocking with or without assistance.

All over the world millions of people, both young and old,wear therapeutic elastic stockings. Until now, putting on and removing these stockings was no easy task. Steve+® On solves this problem.

Steve+® On is suitable for putting on all types of arm and leg stockings.

Using Steve+® On without assistance.

You only need to bend slightly, just as far as your shinbone instead of down to your toes.

Using Steve+® On with assistance.

Steve+® is a convenient solution for medical professionals and carers. Any stocking can be put on or removed by the carer with hardly any effort.

To avoid stretching compression stockings, Steve+® On is available in a range of sizes to fit all requirements. As a result, the stocking provides maximum support with minimal wear.

Steve+® On is long lasting, washable and hygienic.

Circumference measurements:
Small:     30cm - 38cm
Medium: 38cm - 46cm
Large:    46cm - 54cm.


Steve+® On Arm Applicator (without assistance) -  https://­www.­youtube.­com/­watch?v=­nsvaj3lgoFg&­feature=­youtu.­be

Steve+® On Leg Applicator (without assistance) -   https://­www.­youtube.­com/­watch?v=­B6IW29od5iA&­feature=­youtu.­be

Steve+® On Leg Applicator (with assistance) - https://­www.­youtube.­com/­watch?v=­Lk7szTtrU9c&­feature=­youtu.­be



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