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Silicone Gel Therapy: Save 10% Across our Collection

The word 'silicone' refers to a class of synthetic materials (polymers) with a chemical structure that is based on long chains of alternating atoms of oxygen and silicon. These materials are extremely versatile and display a number of qualities that make them ideal in wound-care and the treatment and management of scars.

Many products in the Jobskin collection utilise silicone in their manufacture and, for a limited time, you can save 10% across this range. The collection includes:

  • ScarFX Silicone Sheet: as effective as it is simple to use, ScarFX is a self-adhesive silicone sheet designed specifically for the long-term treatment of scarring. Excellent clinical outcomes, in the form of flat, soft and pliable scars, are regularly observed
  • ScarSil Topical Gel: designed for the treatment of problem scarring (including keloid and hypertrophic scars), ScarSil is a modern, efficient alternative to traditional silicone gel sheet
  • Silon-TEX Silicone Bonded Textile: this unique product features a durable layer of quality silicone on one side. The material can be formed and then sewn directly into our MTM garments, delivering the combined benefits of silicone gel therapy and pressure treatment
  • Silon-LTS Low Temperature Splinting: easily formed into various splints, Silon-LTS is ideal for use in areas prone to contracture of scars, providing both extension and silicone therapy 
  • Silon-TSR: designed using state-of-the-art technology to deliver advanced wound-care, this temporary skin replacement provides the moist environment required for quick and successful epithe­li­ali­sation
  • Silon-STS: combining the beneficial therapeutic effects of pressure and silicone into a single orthotic, this product is designed to fabricate transparent face-marks

These are just some of the products made by Jobskin using silicone. Subscribe to our newsletter for more information coming soon, including an article on 'miracle fabric' Oleeva...