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The management and prophylactic treatment of problem scarring, including hypertrophic and keloid scars caused by damage to the skin following burns, trauma or post-operative surgical scar complications.

The evidence gathered through international research shows that the early application of pressure therapy garments with the correct wearing regime is successful in helping to control the growth of abnormal scar tissue in problem scarring.

They are successful in producing a flatter, softer more pliable scar which results in an improved cosmetic appearance and reduction of potential contractures.

The continuous pressure provided by pressure garments can yield a high degree of non-surgical control of hypertrophic scar formation and scar contractures to achieve a softer, flatter and paler scar.


With a made-to-measure garment that is regularly checked by a health professional, contra­in­di­cations are very rare.

  • Uncompensated organ failure (i.e. heart, liver, or renal)
  • Untreated deep vein thrombosis or phlebitis
  • Severe arterial disease (ABI 0.49 or less)

Existing Medical Conditions

Your clinician should be made aware of any existing medical conditions you may have so this can be considered when prescribing your Jobskin® garment. If you have not alerted your clinician to any of the conditions above, please DO NOT wear this garment until your clinician confirms it is safe to do so.