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Additional Information

Please follow instructions provided by your treating clinician and wear as prescribed to achieve optimum results. You may have to seek help with donning and doffing your garment and your treating clinician should be made aware of this.

Although Jobskin® garments are resilient to most creams and oils, please note the following as some creams may damage the fabric, reduce the elasticity and the effectiveness of your pressure garment.

  • Avoid using creams containing wax, paraffin or petroleum
  • Use water or silicone-based moisturiser or cream

Always check garment and skin daily before use. Do not use if you have hyper­sen­sitivity or an allergic response to the garment materials. Please report to your treating clinician urgently.

When re-applying your garment after bathing, creaming and massaging, make sure the skin is dry and no residue cream remains on the skin.

If wearing your garment whilst swimming, you must rinse out the chlorine or sea-salt immediately afterwards to preserve and protect the fabric.

Repairs and adjustments to your garment must be carried out by Jobskin® or a qualified healthcare professional. If you have any problems with your garment, please contact your clinician as soon as possible.

Important: Please do not remove the silk label within your garment as the warranty will be void.

The fabric composition is printed on the silk label inside your garment.

This garment does not contain latex.