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Pressure Garments and Jobstick Body Adhesive

When used to alleviate the symptoms of lymphoedema, pressure garments from Jobskin are proven to be extremely effective. The therapeutic value delivered by the garments can be affected if they do not stay in their proper place: the traditional method of securing the garment is with grip bands or garters.

Though these methods are ideal for many patients, some experience difficulty and/or discomfort. This can lead to the garment coming out of place and not delivering the full benefit. For these patients, Jobskin have created Jobstick Body Adhesive.

Jobstick Body Adhesive is purpose-designed to ensure that pressure garments stay in place, whether they are knee-high, thigh-length or arm-sleeve styles. Once applied, the adhesive dries within seconds, creating a pliable yet robust fixing which moves in sync with the movements of the body. Any pain or discomfort felt when using garters or grip bands is eliminated and therapeutic value is not affected.

The container of Jobstick Body Adhesive has been as carefully designed as the formula within. An integral roll-on component on the container allows for accurate, effortless application: simply roll on the adhesive and press the garment into place. When it comes time to doff the garment, the water-soluble formula is easily removed with soap and water, leaving no stains or marks behind.

Though Jobstick was originally designed for use with pressure garments, it is versatile enough to be used with a wide range of orthopaedic and surgical devices. To find out more about this revolutionary product, check out our website and get in touch with our expert team.