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Intended Use

Our made-to-measure Premium™ Lymphoedema compression garments are prescribed by a clinician for the treatment and management of mild, moderate and severe lymphoedema. 

It does this by limiting lymph fluid build up and helping the fluid move to an area that is draining well. Jobskin® Premium™ lymphoedema compression garments also provide support to help muscles pump the fluid away. 

The correct selection of compression class, measuring and fitting will determine the outcome, comfort and compliance of the patient.

Your new Jobskin® Premium™ Lymphoedema garment has been designed in Ireland and manufactured in Long Eaton, Nottingham in the UK and will have been professionally measured and prescribed by a certified clinician.

Types of Premium™ Lymphoedema garment available:

Premium™ Lymphoedema garments are bespoke and made-to-measure for each individual. The types of garments are broken down into the categories listed below:

Facial Garments

  • Full face mask

Upper Extremity/Torso

  • Vest with short sleeves, long sleeves or sleeveless
  • Bodybrief with short sleeves, long sleeves or sleeveless


  • Armsleeve wrist to axilla
  • Armsleeve with gauntlet
  • Armsleeve with shoulder flap
  • Armsleeve with shoulder flap and gauntlet


  • Glove to wrist 
  • Glove to axilla

Lower Extremity/Foot

  • Chap style left or right or both 
  • Waist height garment two legs (open or closed pubis) 
  • One leg waist height garment left or right 
  • Panty below and above knee 
  • Thigh length stocking (open or closed toe) 
  • Knee high stocking (open or closed toe)