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Oleeva® Healing Inside and Out

Scarring after surgery can have a massive negative effect on a person’s life, depriving them of an extremely important aspect of personality: confidence. Designed to minimise this effect as much as possible, Oleeva® is an innovative, intelligent fabric that changes lives in a positive, healing way.

Oleeva® fabric is as much about healing mental scars as it is about healing physical ones. The life-changing material is now available in a selection of ergonomically-created shapes, each perfectly designed to fit like the proverbial glove and deliver the very best scar management solution currently possible. Brought to you by Jobskin, we proudly introduce you to Scar Shapes.

So, what makes Oleeva® Scar Shapes special? A multitude of things; here are just some of them…

  • They’re versatile. Scars come in many shapes and sizes and so do Oleeva® Scar Shapes. Safe and successful when used on any post-surgery scarring, they are of particular benefit to patients recovering from reconstructive and/or cosmetic surgical procedures

  • They assist healing. The inner layer of the carefully-designed Scar Shapes is made using Silon®, a material that leads the way in practical scar management techniques. The soft, smooth and tactile outer layer both comforts and flatters, beginning the process of inner healing. Together, the two materials are flexible, durable and extremely thin, allowing patients to carry on with normal, everyday tasks

  • They integrate. If dynamic compression is required, underneath Premium and Classic Pressure Garments. Oleeva® Scar Shapes can also be worn under the popular and proven post-surgical Body Allure collection from Jobskin.

  • They are ready to wear. No fuss, no mess and definitely no stress is experienced with Oleeva® Scar Shapes, which are pre-cut and take only a moment to apply using the handily-located self-adhesive strip

  • They fit. A wide range of shapes is available, each designed to offer the best therapeutic value to the affected area. Targeted scar management has never come so close to the mark; specific shapes for specific scars

If you are about to undergo surgery that may leave scarring or have recently began recovery from such surgery then you could benefit hugely from the healing power of Oleeva® Scar Shapes. Browse the range now on our website and, as always, our team are only a phone call away if you need competent, clear and confidential advice and information.