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Oleeva® Fabric Scar Shapes

Silicone helps to strengthen connective tissue, reduce existing scars and aid in the prevention of new scars from traumatic or surgical injuries. According to research, it can also soften and flatten scars, as well as reduce scar pain. Oleeva® scar reduction products feature patented Silon® technology. Silon® blends the best properties of silicone and Teflon®, resulting in unparalleled strength and softness. It’s professional-grade technology used by leading burn centers and plastic surgeons is available to the public in these convenient Oleeva® products.

Oleeva® fabric is a silicone sheeting bonded to fabric and is ideal for use under Jobskin® Pressure Garments, Jobskin's Body Allure™ post surgery / shapewear garments or ordinary clothing. The silky fabric provides a touch of elegance whilst helping reduce shifting and edge roll-up.

Oleeva® Scar Shapes are die cut pieces of Oleeva® Fabric for convenient targeted keloid and hypertrophic scar management following surgery. Apply Oleeva® fabric, Scar-FX® silicone sheets or ScarSil® gel directly to your healed incision or wound.  

Silon®      Silky      Self-Adhesive      Reusable