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Lymphoedema Adhesive: Confident Therapy

Our Lymphoedema Garments are of impeccable quality but can’t offer their full therapeutic value if they don't stay in place. The traditional method of securing these garments is to use grip bands or garters, and these work well for many patients. Others experience difficulty and discomfort with these methods and to solve these issues Jobskin created Jobstick Body Adhesive.

Whether the garment is knee-high, arm-sleeve or thigh-length, Jobstick Body Adhesive is ideal to ensure that it stays exactly where it should, giving the best therapeutic value. When dry, which takes moments, the adhesive is designed to be pliable, allowing it to move synchronously with the body. This eliminates any pain or discomfort that grip bands or garters may have caused if used instead.

Not only has the formula of Jobstick been carefully designed, a lot of attention has been paid to the bottle it is supplied in. This features a roll-on component to allow for the most accurate and effortless application; users simply roll where required, press the garment into place and they’re ready to go. The adhesive is water-soluble, so it comes off right away with a little soap and water, leaving no marks or stains.

Jobstick allows the wearer to forget about their garment and just get on with ordinary day to day activities. It is perhaps this aspect that offers the greatest therapeutic value, restoring control to the wearer and simply letting them live their life without obstruction.

We are always learning here at Jobskin and thus improving our product range all the time. With a strong focus on the practical application of our knowledge, our expert team continue to look for new ways to improve lives. We search for realistic answers to specific issues and Jobstick Body Adhesive represents just one of our many achievements.

Jobstick was designed for use with pressure garments but can also be used successfully with several other surgical and orthopaedic devices. For detailed information on this or any other topic, just get in touch with our experienced team.