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JSIFU010 Spinal Fabric Support


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Spinal Fabric Support   •   JSIFU010-V4

This device should be fitted and periodically checked by a suitably qualified person only.

Fitting Instructions:

  1. The back steel casing openings should be upper most.
  2. The back steels should be shaped appropriately.
  3. Position back support and secure front fastening straps through buckles.
  4. Thread pelvic band strap through buckle, pull to the required tension.
  5. To remove, release pelvic band at front and separate straps from buckles.

User Instructions:

  • Always follow the above fitting and removal sequence.
  • Please arrange for the fit and effectiveness of this device to be periodically checked by a suitably qualified person.
  • Should you have any problem with this device, please refer to your supplier.

Care Instructions:

This device may be hand washed only, at no more than 40°C using a non-biological mild detergent.

Remove steels when washing, and replace when dry.

Ensure all fastenings are closed before washing.

Washing Instructions:

80% 40 wash Machine Wash at 40˚C   80% Hand wash Hand Wash
80% Do not iron Do not Iron   80% Do not bleach Do not Bleach
80% Do not tumble dry Do not Tumble Dry   80% Dry flat Dry Flat
80% Drip dry Drip Dry   80% Do not wring Do not Wring


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