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Glove to Axilla - 0533

Glove to Axilla - 0533

glove to axilla 0533

Product code: 0533
• Gives good constant pressure along length of arm without any gaps in the garment which can cause a reduction in the pressure
Glove with open fingertips at the PIP level (this recommended for tactile sensation)
Glove with open fingertips at the DIP level
• Extending to the level of the proximal portion of the middle phalanx, the glove can be constructed to the end at the DIP joint level.
• This style is preferred over the closed fingertips, because the open fingertips provide better tactile
sensation and use of the hand.

Fabric and colour

Fabric Range For Upper Limb

  • White White
  • Beige Cream
  • Tan Tan
  • Pastel Pink Pastel Pink
  • Purple Purple
  • Red Red
  • Blue Royal Blue
  • Black Black
  • Camouflage Camouflage
  • Horses Horses
  • Pawprints Pawprints
  • Mermaid Mermaid
  • Geisha Geisha

Thread Choices For Upper Limb

  • white White
  • cream Cream
  • tan Tan
  • blue Pastel Blue
  • pink1 Pastel Pink
  • pink2 Bright Pink
  • mint Mint Green
  • denim Denim Blue
  • royal blue Royal Blue
  • green Green
  • orange Orange
  • red Red
  • purple Purple
  • black Black
  • yellow Yellow


Hand how to measure section - click to download PDF section

Hand how to measure section

Hand Measure Form - Click to Download 

Hand Measure Form


Hand modifications - click to download PDF section

Hand modifications

Design Choices

Hand design choices - click to download PDF section

Hand design choices 


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