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Intended Use

Jobskin® gaiters are available as made-to-measure and off-the-shelf external devices that feature structural inserts which immobilise the joint to hold it in extension and/or optimal position whilst preventing excessive movement. Jobskin® gaiters can be worn on either the arms or legs to keep the elbows or knees straight and stabilised. Full circumference hook and loop straps are used to secure the gaiter around the limb.

Jobskin® gaiters are made from a flexible material and stiffened with bones or stays to limit movement. The reasons behind your immobilisation can vary and your treating clinician will be able to explain this fully. Gaiters are suitable for use on all four limbs and can be used by infants through to adulthood. All of our gaiters should be assessed and prescribed by a suitably qualified clinician who is able to review and reassess as needed. 

Your new Jobskin® gaiter has been expertly designed and manufactured in Long Eaton, Nottingham in the UK.

Types of Gaiter Available

Ready-to-wear Gaiters

  • Extension Arm or Leg Gaiter (Universal)

Made-to-measure Gaiters

  • Extension Arm/Leg Gaiter
  • Flexion Arm/Leg Gaiter