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Foot glove to ankle 0538

Foot glove to ankle 0538

Foot glove to ankle 0538 and 0538

Product code: 0538

Fabric and colour

Lower Limb ~ Premium Fabric options - Powernet

  • Black Black
  • Tan Tan

Lower Limb ~ Thread Choices

  • tan Tan
  • black Black


Lower Extremity Measure Form - Click to Download 

Lower Extremity Measure Form



Behind the Knee Lining - 0040

  • Soft material lining the garment to prevent pinching at the back of the knee

Self Enclosed Toes - 1159

Enclosed with powernet fabric in one piece, no seams

Double Abdominal Panel - 1175

  • Extra pressure panel over abdomen to help hold up collapsed muscles in the stomach

Uplifting Panel - 1176

  • Extra pressure panels over abdomen

Soft Enclosed Toe - 1160

  • Soft lining fabric used

Zipper - Under 20cm - 1164

  • Which are fragile or unhealed in small areas, or if the
  • patient has limited hand function, long or short zippers can be used.

Zipper - Over 20cm - 1165

  •  Short zippers can be inserted at the waist or the ankle to ease the fitting of the garment.
  •  If you require zippers on the body only, these can be placed right or left of the front center seam form groin to waist
  • We can also place zippers in the front centre seam

Reduced Pressure Abdominal Panel - 1161 

  • Reduced pressure over the abdomen area for patients who
  • Cannot tolerate pressure on the abdomen. Made out of soft material

Attach suspenders - 1162

  • Suspenders (braces) are used, especially with children, to hold up the garment

​Reinforcement knee - 1186

  • Reinforcement knee: Lining at the front of the knee to stenghting knee area

Reinforced Heel - 1187

  • Reinforced heel Pleating

hook and loop Tabs - 1163

  • To attach wasit height to vest


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