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Educational Training Courses from Jobskin

As well as supplying a professional collection of medical pressure garments, Jobskin devise and deliver a wide range of training courses. Education and training is one of our key divisions here at Jobskin and is something we are extremely passionate about. Courses take place throughout the year and new dates are always being added to meet demand.

Each training course comprises an interesting and informative program, designed to offer reliable, clear and up-to-date information on the given topic. Participants benefit from listening to and interacting with our highly-experienced practicing clinicians, who give practical demonstrations where applicable.

Jobskin's educational training courses have been a key part of our work for a number of years. When asked for feedback, delegates have mentioned how much they have gained from participating in our courses and have described them as having 'excellent educational value'. The courses take place at various locations around the country and are provided free of charge to clinicians and other professionals practicing in relevant fields.

Current courses available for booking include:

  • Premium Burns and Scar Management Training: March 11th, June 10th, September 23rd and November 4th
  • Lymphoedema Training: March 12th, June 11th, September 24th and November 5th
  • Classic Made-to-Measure Pressure Garments Training: Dates TBC
  • Sensory Dynamic Orthosis (SDO) Training: Dates TBC

As previously mentioned, new course dates are added throughout the year. You can stay up-to-date with this information by following us on social media (facebooktwitterlinkedin), as well as by subscribing to receive our regular, feature-packed newsletter via email.

For more details about our training courses, please check out the dedicated page on the Jobskin website, where you can also find an application form and travel information. To discuss training requirements and book course places, please email