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Dynamic Compression Garments: The New SDO® Lite Range

Website Article image - Jul 2021_SDO LiteJobskin® is delighted to introduce you to SDO® Lite, our new addition to our leading SDO® range of dynamic compression garments. SDO® Lite is a ready-to-wear garment that has been designed with patients and clinicians in mind, and covers a wider spectrum of clinical indications than ever before. Expertly designed in a comprehensive range of sizes, each garment includes a binding edge finish and soft branded cuffs and is available in 4 new colour options. We have also refreshed and added new sizes to our range of lumbar belts which fully complement our new SDO® Lite range.

The enhanced SDO® Lite collection of garments have various uses including assessing the impact of made-to-measure SDO® garments and identify whether these will be of benefit. They can also be used for patients with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions that need slight biomechanical input or for patients with sensory processing difficulties. For a full list of indications for use please visit our website.

Garments in the SDO Lite™ collection are made with selected standard reinforcement panels in a four way stretch, Class 1 quality Lycra® fabric and can be supplied in a choice of colours: beige, black, blue and pink.

The SDO® Lite range of garments include:

SDO® Lite Vest

There are eight available size options for the SDO® Lite vest, each of which comes complete with integral CP2 (shoulder retraction) reinforcement. The vest design can help with a patient’s posture and stability along with normalising muscle tone and balance. An open-front zip ensures easy donning and doffing and a PEG hole can be added if required.

SDO® Lite Shorts

Also available in eight different size options, SDO® Lite shorts feature built-in external rotational panels. Hip internal rotation panels can also be provided on request. SDO® Lite shorts are quick and easy to don and doff with a super-soft elastic waistband to increase wearer comfort and compliance.  The shorts come with a closed crotch as standard but can be supplied open if specified.

SDO® Lite Sleeves

The pull-on, pull-off sleeve features a soft branded elastic cuff. These comfortable sleeves can help to normalise tone, improve reciprocal activity and increase awareness of the upper limb. They can also provide a reduction in inferior subluxation in patients who have experienced a stroke. Seven different sizes are available.

SDO® Lite Gauntlets

Available in five different sizes, each gauntlet includes a wrist flexion resist (UL1) reinforcement panel. The gauntlets can provide abduction of the thumb out of the palm, helping to increase the range and quality of movement and deliver increased awareness of the hand.

SDO® Lite Socks

These open-toe socks include dorsiflexion assist panels and are available in a choice of five different sizing options. The socks are fitted from the metatarsal heads in the foot to below the knee. Wearing these socks can help to improve ground clearance and limb awareness, as well as improving fluency and quality of movement and working to normalise tone.

SDO® Lite Lumbar Belt

Fitted from the lower ribs to the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS), the SDO® Lite Lumbar Belt is a standalone garment available in four sizes including four different depth options. Used to identify effects on trunk stability and postural control, the belts are supplied in a choice of beige or black with a range of stitching colours including beige, black, blue and orange.

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The enhanced SDO® Lite collection of garments are available to purchase from Jobskin® NOW. Please get in touch with our expert team via for further advice and information.

To view our SDO® range, please visit www.­jobskin.­co.­uk/­sensory-dynamic-orthosis-garments