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Donning your Jobskin® SDO® garment

Please follow the advice of your treating clinician before you wear this SDO® garment.

This device should be fitted and periodically checked by a suitably qualified person only

For all SDO® garments, please follow the standard instructions below before reading the specific donning instructions for your type of garment:

Fitting – Two finger test: when checking fit, one should be able to easily slide two fingers under the end of the garment at the wrist, neck, groin, knee or ankle.

  • Read through the instructions, paying particular attention to Warnings and Precautions, and Additional Information regarding creams and oils, prior to donning your SDO® garment.
  • Ensure your hands are clean with no sharp fingernails or toenails. Temporarily remove jewellery from hands, wrists and ankles if applicable

  • Open all zips/fastenings

  • Avoid using your SDO® if you have any acute skin rashes or if a vascular/­circulation problem arises until cleared by your treating clinician

  • Watch for signs of discomfort and any change in hand/feet colour or temperature that may indicate problems with circulation. If this occurs remove the SDO® garment and contact your treating clinician immediately

  • If you have a medical condition that may be affected by wearing an SDO® garment, please seek medical clearance

Fitting Instructions:


  • Pull each leg over the knee, ensure that the knee panels are central
  • Pull up over the buttocks and hips
  • Insert arms one at a time and then pull up over the shoulders, ensure that the elbow panels are central
  • Ensure that the seams and reinforcements are straight/ aligned correctly down the side of the trunk, arms and legs
  • Fasten back zip and then the front zip. (Sometimes it may be easier to fasten the front zip first)
  • A donning aid may make the arm or leg slide more easily

Sleep Suits 

  • Lay the back of the garment flat on the bed/change table, roll individual onto one side and then roll back onto the garment

  • Bring the front of the garment through the legs and onto the front of the body

  • Fasten the over shoulder straps and fasten hip straps

  • Fasten side with least resistance first, followed by the other side, allow the garment to bring the hips and body into alignment

  • Ensure that the seams and reinforcements on the garment are in an optimum alignment and adjust the shoulder and side straps until a good fit and correction is achieved

Vests & Leotards

  • Place one arm in at a time, ensuring any seams and reinforcements are in the correct position

  • Fasten zips/fastenings one at a time starting with the easiest first

  • Ensure pulled down to correct height and all seams are central

Short & Long Pants

  • Pull on over knee on both legs to ensure seams and reinforcements are centred

  • Pull up to hips and again check seams and reinforcements are in the correct position

  • Once happy with positioning, fasten all zips/fastenings starting with the easiest first 

Sleeves, Gauntlets and Gloves

  • Starting at the fingers/wrist work the garment up the arm, ensure all seams and reinforcements are central (no rotation)

  • Fasten all zips/fastenings


  • Starting at the toes work the sock up and over the heel 

  • Ensure all seams and reinforcements are central (no rotation)

  • Fasten all zips/fastenings