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Donning your Jobskin® Premium™ Lymphoedema garment

Please follow the advice of your treating clinician before you wear this Premium™ Lymphoedema garment.

This device should be fitted and periodically checked by a suitably qualified person only

For all Premium™ Lymphoedema garments, please follow the standard instructions below before reading the specific donning instructions for your type of garment:

Donning and Doffing compression garments can be a little challenging at the start but they do stretch after a little wear. There are some general rules to live by that can assist with the garments as follows:

  • Read through the instructions for use, paying particular attention to Warnings and Precautions, and Additional Information regarding creams and oils, prior to donning your Premium™ Lymphoedema garment 
  • Ensure your hands are clean and you have no sharp fingernails or toenails that may damage the fabric, avoid sticking your fingernails into the fabric when pulling the garment on
  • Do not overstretch the material
  • Temporarily remove jewellery from hands, wrists and ankles if applicable, whilst donning and doffing your garment. Jewellery such as stone encrusted rings may snag your garment
  • Open all zips/fastenings
  • Use rubber gloves to help don and doff the garment
  • Watch for signs of discomfort and any change in hand/feet colour or temperature that may indicate problems with circulation. If this occurs remove the Premium™ Lymphoedema garment and contact your treating clinician

Lower Extremity Garments 

Check the label on your lymphoedema garment for left or right, starting with the garment inside out, tuck the foot portion inside up to the heel and hold with both hands, seam facing down. 

Pull it up over your foot past the ankle, it should now be right side out. Adjust the garment so that the heel is in place.

Waist High Garments 

Adjust your garment so that it is snug at your midsection. This will keep it from slipping down. Ensure you pull the midsection to its proper height.

Slip your hands palm out, into the back and lift away from your skin. Let it fall back to fit snugly over the buttocks.

Arm Sleeves 

Slip your hand through the entire sleeve keeping the seam in line with your little finger, ease the sleeve up your arm. It may be helpful to brace your hand against a wall. 

If a gauntlet is attached, the seam should run from palm to your hand, then curve over your elbow to your upper arm.



Adjust the fingers by carefully pulling on the seams until the glove fits snugly into the web spaces between the fingers. Be sure the fabric is smoothed out evenly over the fingers and hand. Hold the hand up to the light, you should not be able to see the light through the web space.

Close the zip if there is one on the garment.


Face Masks 

Open closure, hold chin in place by pressing chin against upper sternum or with one hand if you have assistance. Gather fabric and stretch over head. 

Adjust the facial features, the facemask must have the fabric distributed to fit properly. Adjustment may be made by slipping fingers through openings and placing were desired.