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Donning your Jobskin® Gaiter

Please follow the advice of your treating clinician before you wear this gaiter.

For all gaiters, please follow the standard instructions below:

Read through these instructions, paying particular attention to section 8. Warnings and Precautions and 14. Additional Information before wearing your new gaiter.

Avoid using your gaiter if you have any acute skin rashes or if a vascular/­circulation problem arises until cleared by your treating clinician.

Fitting Instructions:

  • Check the gaiter straps are free from debris and move/function freely
  • Undo all the hook and loop fastenings and place on a stable surface with the lining facing upwards. Ensure the top (widest) part of the gaiter is closest to you
  • Carefully straighten the limb and place onto the gaiter, ensure the narrow part of the gaiter is in line with the wrist or ankle
  • Fold the gaiter around the limb ensuring that the ‘tongue’ is flattened out beneath the overlapping edge
  • Fasten the hook and loop fastener straps securely but do not over tighten the gaiter. The gaiter should be a comfortable garment to wear and not restrict circulation
  • Straps may be shortened as required by cutting between the stitched lines at the ends of the straps