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Donning Aids: Introducing the Combibox...

When you have to wear arm and/or leg compression garments, or help someone else to wear them, you don't want to fall at the first hurdle: actually getting the garment on properly!

For this reason, a number of donning aids have been developed that make the job quick, easy and fuss-free. Jobskin provide a selection of these essential accessories, all designed to reduce the difficulties that can occur with compression garments.

For true versatility, convenience, effectiveness and ease-of-use, we can highly recommend the Steve+® On/Off Combibox, which is a new and innovative method of both donning and removing arm and leg compression garments. The Combibox can be used with or without as assistance as required and works with all kinds of stockings, allowing the patient to easily get in or out of the garment from a sitting or lying position.

Steve+® On Arm & Leg ApplicatorMore capable patients can use the device without assistance and are relieved from having to bend over; this means that even those with arthritis or rheumatism can enjoy the benefits. Medical staff and carers find the Steve+® On/Off Combibox to be a convenient and practical solution, allowing them to put on or remove stockings with very little effort. Minimal discomfort to the patient is ensured throughout.

Compression stockings should be prevented from unnecessary stretching and so the Steve+® On/Off Combibox is available in a selection of sizes to ensure that all requirements can be met. The stocking will then continue to provide the most comprehensive support while displaying minimal signs of wear and tear. The small, medium and large designs suit circumference measurements of 30-38cm, 38-46cm and 46-54cm respectively.

For those patients who only require assistance with donning an arm or leg compression garment, the Steve+® On Arm & Leg Applicator is the perfect solution and can also be used with or without assistance as circumstances require. Both products are fabricated to the highest possible quality and are guaranteed to provide comfort, relief and unmatched efficiency.

Find out more about the Steve+® On Arm & Leg Applicator and contact the experts at Jobskin for further advice, information and support.