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Donning Aids – Easy-Slide Arm

Donning Aids – Easy-Slide Arm

Easy Slide Arm

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Washable      High Quality     Easy to use

The Easy-Slide Arm provides an effective solution for applying arm sleeves, characterised by a high level of effectiveness, comfort and quality. Putting on arm sleeves is an intensive activity which often causes problems such as damaged arm sleeves or strained muscles. The Easy-Slide Arm has been designed to address these problems, gliding easily over fingers and thumbs.

Easy-Slide Arm is a valuable aid not only for the sleeve wearer but also for their carers.

Size Guide

Item Number Size UK Length EU Length


Medium 22 inches 55.5cms



25 inches







When purchasing the Easy-Slide Arm it is important to choose the correct size. Using an incorrect size will prevent the product from working properly and it may become damaged or wear out quickly. The correct size is determined by the length of your arm.

How to use Easy-Slide Arm

  • Slide your arm in the Easy-Slide Arm
  • Slide the arm sleeve over the Easy-Slide Arm
  • Hook the loop on a door handle and secure the arm sleeve with your free hand
  • Remove the Easy-Slide Arm slowly out of the arm sleeve


  • Reduction of physical strain for both caregiver and sleeve wearer
  • Decreases friction for an effortless application
  • Increase in independence
  • Increase in therapy compliance
  • Sleeves retain therapeutic compression for much longer
  • Easy-Slide Arm is fabricated from innovative smooth, light material
  • Guaranteed for 6 months from the date of purchase
  • Compact and portable, easily fits inside your pocket or handbag
  • Easy to sanitise

Use a separate Easy-Slide Arm for each patient. If Easy-Slide Arm needs to be used on more than one patient, you must clean the product with a 70% ethanol solution.

Washing Instructions

  • Easy-Slide Arm must be washed by hand, at a low temperature (30oC)
  • Dry the Easy-Slide Arm with a towel
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not expose to sources of heat, such as bright sunlight or hot radiators


  • Do not step on the Easy-Slide Arm, the material is highly slippery and may cause injury


How to apply the Easy-Slide Arm





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