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A message to our valued clients from Angela Greatorex, Managing Director of Jobskin Ltd.

It is fair to say that we find ourselves in uncharted waters. COVID-19 is bringing a change to the UK and the rest of the world, and it’s clear that lots of things are going to have to shift around in order to help us all cope.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and clients is always of paramount importance. We have been continuing to monitor the situation regarding COVID-19, and following government advice issued on Monday 16 March, we have asked all our customer facing sales staff and clinical specialists to re-schedule appointments, clinics and visits to our clients. These members of the Jobskin team are still available remotely, via email, phone and skype to support our clients during these unprecedented times. We are a British company and manufacture our products in the United Kingdom; our loyal and committed staff in both the UK and Ireland are working hard to fulfil orders as usual and we will carry on doing this for as long as we are able to. Our supply chain at the moment is unaffected, but we will keep you updated on this as we get further news. Our courier UPS, are working hard to continue their usual high levels of service, and despite many border closures in some countries we are still able to fulfil shipments internationally except where there are exceptional Government restrictions. Usual delivery times may be slightly affected but we will keep you informed if there are any changes.

With the current circumstances putting great pressures on healthcare systems and their staff, and with circumstances changing daily we do also have a number of “Off the shelf products” that can act as “interim” care whilst Made to Measure may be difficult to fulfil. Interim garments can be used as an alternative to MTM pressure garments if patients are unable to attend review appointments to be measured.

We also have the Ready to Wear SDO Pro-TEM assessment garments for neurological conditions and EDS hypermobility patients, Ready to Wear Gaiters and Orthowrap splints, all of which can also be purchased privately and directly from our website.

Silicone gel for scar treatment can also be purchased privately and directly from our website, if patients do not want to interrupt their treatment regime and are unable to attend their Surgery or visit a Pharmacy.

Our Customer Service and Sales Team will be happy to give you further details on these ranges and products, and all product information can be found on our website www.­jobskin.­co.­uk

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We will also be happy to offer guidance for measuring/­assessing with therapy specialists via Skype:

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Classic Pressure Therapy Garments:

Premium Pressure Therapy Garments & Lymphoedema Garments:

Jobskin would also like to take this opportunity to thank our valued clients for their continued support and wish everyone well during these difficult times.