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Face Lift Bandage

Face Lift Bandage

Jobskin Body Allure Face mask champagne on mannequin

  • Jobskin Body Allure Face mask champagne on mannequin
  • Jobskin Body Allure Face Mask close up of chin on mannequin
  • Jobskin Body Allure Face Mask close up of top of head, fastening on mannequin
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Face Lift Bandage

Medical Class 1 compression garment recommended for immediate use following facial rejuvenation, reconstruction and facelift procedures, liposuction of the chin, neck and jowl, facial implant surgeries, mentoplasty and/or chin implants, chin augmentation, cheekbone surgeries, ear or periaural procedures, oral and maxillofacial surgeries and paediatric facial surgery.

Our Face Lift Bandage gives full compression and support under the chin. Its enclosed ear section ensures a higher level of compression during post surgery healing with minimal compromise to your hearing. This garment has adjustable hook and loop fastenings at the nape of neck and top of head for maximum under chin compression.

Jobskin® Body Allure™ garments are designed using a breathable compression material with French inspired lace and Rimaldi seaming. The MicroFibre Stretch Tricot fabric is soft to the touch ensuring the Body Allure™ garments glide onto your skin easily.

Use along side our ScarFX® and ScarSil® Topical Gel.


  • It may be necessary to seek assistance when dressing and undressing to avoid any discomfort or pressure on your healing wound.
  • Please follow the wearing instructions/­regime provided by your surgeon or general practitioner. In general the garment should fit snugly in order to obtain the best results in compression therapy
  • Effective way to minimise any associated post-surgical pain
  • If your garment causes any pain or discomfort, discontinue wearing the garment immediately and seek medical advice from your general practitioner or surgeon

**We recommend purchasing two garments so that you can have one to wash and one to wear, in order to maintain the continuous benefits of compression therapy**

Sizing Chart

Bra Cropped Style

If unsure between two sizes, always choose the smallest.


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