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All In One Body

All In One Body


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All In One Body 

The all in one body compression garment with front zip and hook and eye closures for use in the operating room and at home and can be adjusted once the swelling subsides. The garment has reinforced panels throughout for the abdominal area to ensure maximum support and comfort and is available in knee, capri and full length to ensure it fits perfectly for your healing needs along with  a breathable material for additional comfort for your skin.

Wash, Wear and Care Instructions 

Jobskin® garments are designed for ease of application, as this is a class 1 Medical Device; we recommend you follow all instructions provided carefully in order to achieve optimal results. When donning and doffing the garment it may be necessary to seek assistance. Apply the garment by an on-off rolling to ensure even pressure is achieved. Please follow the wearing instructions/­regime provided by your surgeon or general practitioner. In general the garment should fit snugly in order to obtain the rest results in compression therapy. It is also an effective way to minimise any associated post-surgical pain. If your garment causes any pain or discomfort, discontinue wearing the garment immediately and seek medical advice from your general practitioner or surgeon.

**we recommend purchasing two garments so that you can have one to wash and one to wear, in order to maintain continuous benefits of compression**

Wash Care: Wash Care

  • Do not use fabric softners, bleach or 
  • biological detergents or brightners
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight
  • Do not dry on a radiator

Sizing Chart

Panty Girdle, High Waist Panty and All in one body

Panty Girdle, High Waist Panty and All in one body


Measuring Instructions:

Measuring Instructions

1 -   Chest - measure chest circumference

2 -   Under Bust - measure around chest circumference    directly under the breast

3 -   Waist - measure around the smallest part of the waistline

4 -   Hips - stand with both feet together and measure around the fullest part of the hip area

5 -   Upper Thigh - around leg level with the groin & buttock crease

6 -   Knee - measure above Knee joint 

7 -   Calf - measure mid calf circumference

8 -   Ankle - measure ankle circumference

9 -   Axilla to Waist - measure length from under arm to waist

10 - Waist to Knee - measure length from waist to mid knee

11 - Inside Leg - measure length from groin to mid knee

12 - Knee to Ankle - measure length from mid knee to ankle 

13 - Shoulder Width - strap size


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