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Be A Believer in Oleeva®!

Oleeva® fabric is a life-changing fabric. That might seem like quite a bold claim, stated as it is in a single, unequivocal sentence and placed right at the start of the article into the bargain but we have seen for ourselves the difference it can make for patients dealing with scarring after surgery.  And just when we all thought it couldn’t get any better….

As part of our eclectic yet comprehensive range of products, Jobskin are proud to supply Scar Shapes, a selection of ergonomically-designed scar management solutions manufactured using Oleeva®, that unexpected yet highly effective life-changer we mentioned right at the start.

Before we look at some of the different shapes available, let’s take a quick look at what makes that base material so special.

  • Oleeva® is particularly versatile and can be used on any post-surgical scars; they are particularly popular among patients recovering from reconstructive or cosmetic surgery

  • Two surfaces work in elegant harmony to form Oleeva®; the inner therapeutic layer is made using state-of-the-art Silon® and is given a soft, silky covering on the outside to deliver an effect that is at once comforting and flattering

  • The dual surface does not mean added bulk and Oleeva® fabric is thin, soft and infinitely flexible; in turn, these qualities do not prevent the material from being remarkably durable

  • The versatility continues unabated; Oleeva® is perfect for combination therapy and can be worn easily under more intense pressure garments such as those from the Body Allure range, also available here on the Jobskin website

Scar shapes are simply pre-cut, ready-to-wear designs made from Oleeva® fabric, designed to offer the most targeted scar management post-surgery. Extremely specific shapes such as the areolae/anchor breast design and the umbilicoplasty design are available and, to ensure maximum convenience and minimum struggle, all of the shapes have a high-quality self-adhesive strip in exactly the right place.

If you feel you could benefit from Oleeva® Scar Shapes, and if you’ve just had or are considering surgery then you most certainly could benefit greatly, then check out the range now. As always, our skilled team are always on hand to offer clear, competent and confidential advice.