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Alleviant®: Ready to Wear

If you or anyone you know suffers from lymphoedema, then you’ll be well aware of how uncomfortable and painful it can be. Feeling like that interferes with your whole way of life and can understandably make you grumpy, tired and short-tempered. And so the last thing you want is to be waiting around…

Pressure therapy offers a lot of much-needed relief to many patients suffering from lymphoedema and Jobskin provides instant access to a wide selection of garments, each of which is designed to get you feeling more like your old self again. And, as lots of garments are pret-a-porter (that is to say, ready-to-wear), then you’ll avoid lots of messing around trying to get exactly the right one. Lymphoedema soothed and grumpiness banished: that’s two definite steps in the right direction.

As we’ve got moving with those two steps we might as well take a third and ease some of the pressure on your purse too: the Alleviant® collection of garments is extremely competitively priced and offers genuine value for money. Simply order from our website and we will rush your garment to you, along with all of the benefits it brings with it such as enhanced treatment compliance, improved comfort level and absolutely perfect anatomical fit.

Pressure garments from the Alleviant® collection are manufactured using double-covered yarn of impeccable quality, chosen for its excellent elasticity which makes donning and doffing a matter of simplicity - even easier than your regular clothes!

Precise compression where it’s needed most

  • Reduced swelling and the restoration of normal fluid dynamics
  • Full selection of sizes, lengths and compression classes readily available
  • Hypoallergenic, latex-free manufacture
  • And, the garments are available on the FP10 Drug Tariff!

If you suffer from lymphoedema and you haven’t yet discovered the Alleviant® range of pressure therapy garments from Jobskin then see product page and take back control of your life...