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Relaxkidsderby - testimonial

Kim Jones ~ Honours Degree student at Heriot Watt University.

Research and Guidance 1st October 2019

I am a mature student studying for an Honours degree at Heriot Watt University in the Scottish Borders. I have been a pattern cutter in the industry for over 30 years and have returned to education to gain a degree so I can teach.

My Honour project is centred around Pressure Garments (PG) used for the treatment of hypertrophic scarring and my experience as a pattern cutter will inform the issues I am looking into. I am new to the concept of PGs but was aware from the time I spent researching your company that you really care about the fit and aesthetics of them. This I felt was very important as the garments must be worn for quite a considerable length of time. This attention to detail resonates in your online presence and customer care and  must be very reassuring to your customers. I was delighted to be invited to spend a day at Jobskin to be introduced to the design and manufacture of pressure garments. It was, I felt, a fabulous opportunity to really launch my project in a very positive way. 

Having been in clothing manufacture all my working life I remember the time when there was a lot of vertical manufacturing still to be seen in the UK. With such memories it was a real treat to visit the wonderful mill where Jobskin are based, and to experience the buzz of ‘British made’ garment assembly again from conception through design, production and dispatch – just brilliant! The team of people Debbie Wright introduced me to were exceptionally kind and attentive. I was shown every aspect of the company with demonstrations, and questions answered as they arose. My time in the design department was particularly valuable as this is the area I am researching, and the head designer Rachael Holmes couldn’t have been more helpful.  All in all, a perfect day (and lovely lunch too!) and so much information to take back to my studies. I am returning in November for a measuring workshop day and am really looking forward to spending another day at Jobskin - such a welcoming and easy atmosphere.

Kim Jones


Scottish Border


Alison McKenzie ~ Nurse Specialist Paediatric Burns Outreach

Royal Victoria Infirmary visit 25th September 2019

A very special thank you for having us, for the fabulous hospitality and for introducing the Nottingham team and a tour of the factory.  We had a lovely time and it was an absolute pleasure to meet the Nottingham family.  I feel we gained a great deal from our visit and I hope we were of some help to them as well.  I have no idea where the time disappeared to but it did fly.

Many thanks once again

Alison and Fiona Toland-Mitchell (Specialist OT Outreach Team)