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Idoia Gandarias Mendieta ~ Co Founder & Managing Director, Pitxuflitos Ltd.

Thank you so much for all the charity garments which we will definitely put to good use!

Wishing you a lovely day,


Relaxkidsderby - testimonial

Alison Guy ~ Lead Occupational Therapist, Burns and Plastic Surgery

Hi Janet, can I just thank you and the team for turning our fast track orders around so quickly last week. We were given really short notice of their surgery dates and these are patients who have had a cancer diagnosis so going through a very stressful time. Being able to measure fit and get their second garments issued while they were inpatients enabled us to provide an exemplary service which was thanks to your support.

The patients and the specialist cancer team really appreciated the service provided.

Thanks again

Alison Guy

Lead Occupational Therapist, Burns and Plastic Surgery, Southmead Hospital, Bristol

Kim Jones ~ Honours Degree student at Heriot Watt University.

Research and Guidance 1st October 2019

I am a mature student studying for an Honours degree at Heriot Watt University in the Scottish Borders. I have been a pattern cutter in the industry for over 30 years and have returned to education to gain a degree so I can teach.

My Honour project is centred around Pressure Garments (PG) used for the treatment of hypertrophic scarring and my experience as a pattern cutter will inform the issues I am looking into. I am new to the concept of PGs but was aware from the time I spent researching your company that you really care about the fit and aesthetics of them. This I felt was very important as the garments must be worn for quite a considerable length of time. This attention to detail resonates in your online presence and customer care and  must be very reassuring to your customers. I was delighted to be invited to spend a day at Jobskin to be introduced to the design and manufacture of pressure garments. It was, I felt, a fabulous opportunity to really launch my project in a very positive way. 

Having been in clothing manufacture all my working life I remember the time when there was a lot of vertical manufacturing still to be seen in the UK. With such memories it was a real treat to visit the wonderful mill where Jobskin are based, and to experience the buzz of ‘British made’ garment assembly again from conception through design, production and dispatch – just brilliant! The team of people Debbie Wright introduced me to were exceptionally kind and attentive. I was shown every aspect of the company with demonstrations, and questions answered as they arose. My time in the design department was particularly valuable as this is the area I am researching, and the head designer Rachael Holmes couldn’t have been more helpful.  All in all, a perfect day (and lovely lunch too!) and so much information to take back to my studies. I am returning in November for a measuring workshop day and am really looking forward to spending another day at Jobskin - such a welcoming and easy atmosphere.

Kim Jones


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